African Children’s Charity of Arizona  is a non-profit organization and orphanage in Uganda, committed to educating orphans in Uganda with their flagship project in 2007. The program aims to provide safe and nurturing educational environments for children and quality teaching.

With more than 1.7 million orphaned and abandoned children, Uganda has a full-blown crisis. Many orphaned children have never attended school. Our charity for orphans in Uganda depends on your support and contribution. Read on to learn how your contributions make all the difference in the world in an orphaned child’s life.

We now collectively have 14 children;  6 children in technical training after having completed high school, 3 children in high school, and 5 children in junior high. We expect at least another 7 years of operation to get these children through school and into a productive life in Uganda. All 14 children still receive medical care, food, lodging, and religious instruction. 


The General Fund covers the cost of food, clothing, transportation, mail, Ugandan internet costs and wages for in-country personnel, and other miscellaneous expenses.


Education in Uganda is not subsidized by the government or funded by a system of school tax revenues found in other countries. The education cost per child is one of the major expenses for ACCA. The School Fund covers all the expenses for attendance to a Christian school: books, general materials familiar to American schools, school uniforms, room and board. $20.00 covers the cost for one month of school expenses.


All of the children receive yearly physical examinations and they have received vaccinations against the most serious diseases found in Uganda. Some of the children have tested HIV positive or active AIDS and need additional medical attention, dietary supplementation and medications. There is no state health care; it is a pay-for-service expense. A gift of $65.00 per month would cover the cost for one HIV-positive child.


In addition to school and medical expenses, there are the on-going costs for clothing, hygiene supplies, food and miscellaneous items. A gift to this fund will help with these expenses.


A gift of $19.00 is used to purchase Bibles and associated literature for our children and for distribution in the immediate community of the orphanage. Ugandan children are taught to read in English from the time they enter school, and to have a personal Bible would be a very special and greatly appreciated gift.

The Humble Beginning

These are some of the 14 children we started with in 2007


Malik was 8 years old


Shadia was 9 years old


Faridah was 9 years old

How your contribution changes children’s lives by

Providing Learning Environments

Education is a basic human right, yet many communities in Uganda lack access to quality education. Rural areas of Uganda are the most affected, with generations of poverty-ridden families unable to get an education.

Data from a survey shows that orphaned children are more vulnerable to running out of resources that help them continue their education because they often don’t have a safety net.

Our initiative is aimed at helping orphans in Uganda by eliminating this void in education and making it more accessible. Your donations will improve educational opportunities for children in Uganda and ensure access to quality educational resources.

Saving Them From Child Labor

Uganda has the highest number of children involved in child labor, totaling more than 6 million children. Orphaned children are particularly at risk of being pulled into child labor schemes and agencies, with young girls twice as likely to be engaged in child labor than young boys.

Your contribution will directly go into efforts to educate orphans in Uganda so that they don’t have to engage in labor. Our initiative aims to guarantee safe learning environments and high-caliber teaching to ensure a bright career for disadvantaged and orphaned children.

Saving Them From Exploitation

During COVID, many children were orphaned, and this put them at risk of exploitation via child trafficking and transactional sex. Out-of-school orphaned kids are much less noticeable and, therefore, much more vulnerable. Many young boys are sold to extremist groups, and girls are married off as children.

Your donations can directly help educate orphans in Uganda by having stable schooling and safe learning environments.


Below are some of the Testimonials from our children

Malik has been and continues to be an excellent student and he is a great leader. He is currently attending a 2-year diploma course in Filming at Kampala Filming School and this includes photography and videography. With the explosion of smart phones and cameras in Africa and worldwide, the film industry has exploded in Uganda which is a fantastic opportunity for him. When he graduates, he intends to start his own company to cover events such as weddings, graduation ceremonies..etc.

Nashim attends the YMCA tertiary institution in Wandegeya, Makerere. She is pursuing a 2-year diploma in Computer Science. As she goes to school, she also interns with a local computer company to gain experience. She has about 1 year left to graduate. Her best course unit is accounting. In the future, she wants to attend Isbat University (a local university here in Uganda) where she will earn her bachelor’s degree in information systems. She loves travelling as well.

Farida is a secondary school 6 student at Rubaga Mixed school. She recently completed from secondary school level in December 2023. She wants to join a vocational institution when she graduates. Her favorite subjects are fine art and design. She is also an extremely focused student who takes his future seriously. She is very quiet but has a great heart. She wants to major in hotel management or culinary to become a Chef.